Tasty Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Cuties

*Drum roll please…. * It’s time for another Tasty Tuesday!

Valentine’s Day is this Friday, and while we love that there is a day designated to show our love for one another, we don’t necessarily love how much artificial sugars our bodies ingest that day.Ā šŸ˜§

We too love chocolates, candies, cakes, cookies.. you name it, buttttt we should also aim to keep our sugars under a certain amount each day-Ā about 26 grams for women and 34 grams for men. Watching the amount of artificial sugars we consume is a great lesson to teach to our kids as well.

So instead of handing out conversation candies or lollipops to their friends at school, try Conversation Cuties!!! Cuties are still sweet, small, and easily personalized, not to mention full of vitamins and minerals.

Have your kiddos write their own messages to their friends and make it a fun activity! All you need is a bag of Cuties and a permanent markerĀ šŸ„°