Tasty Tuesday: Healthy Ground Turkey Enchiladas

The return of chilly weather along with all of us staying #safeathome can bring on the comfort food cravings! Try this recipe for some “better for you” enchiladas by using whole-wheat tortillas instead of the traditional white flour ones and replacing ground beef with ground turkey. Let us know what you think!

Ground Turkey Mixture –

1 to 1.5 pounds lean ground turkey
1 packet preferred taco seasoning
1 can mild or hot Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chiles)
1/4 cup water

Other Ingredients:

8 whole-wheat tortillas
2 cups sharp cheddar or colby jack shredded cheese
12 oz red enchilada sauce

Break up lean ground turkey in a stovetop skillet over medium heat. Once it’s no longer pink, drain off excess fat if necessary and reduce heat to low. Add in Rotel and water, then sprinkle taco seasoning evenly. Stir to coat.

Optional: Stir 1/3 cup of your red enchilada sauce into the ground turkey mixture for extra oomph.

Allow mixture to simmer and thicken up for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and get ready to assemble.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spread a thin layer of enchilada sauce on the base of your 9 x 13 baking pan.

Spoon about 1/4 cup of ground turkey into each tortilla, along with a pinch of cheese. Tuck the corners and roll them tightly. Arrange enchiladas side-by-side inside the pan. Once the pan is full, pour the remaining enchilada sauce over the top of the tortillas and sprinkle remaining cheese evenly.

Bake for 15 – 18 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and edges start browning.


Recipe from Whatsformealprep.com.