Meet our Educators!


Holly Falkosky  – Central Wisconsin

Holly’s biggest passion is making an impact and difference in the lives of others. Having endured prevalent obstacles personally in her own life, she is compassionate about living a bountiful life that is healthy both mentally and physically. She brings experiences to our foundation that include teaching, public speaking, and a nutrition/fitness/wellness background.

Holly enjoys a quiet life at home with her amazingly supportive husband and dog, Max. She and her husband share six grown children that they are forever grateful for. Never a dull moment! She enjoys staying physically active, drawing, arts, cooking and spending time with family as much as possible. Other parts of her week include personal training and writing a book.

She is looking forward to this journey with our foundation, helping advocate a healthy lifestyle in our youth that will help lay a foundation that will last their lifetime.

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Meet Kristen!

Kristen Beaudet – Northeast Wisconsin

Curious and adventurous by nature, Kristen loves to travel and has lived on both U.S. coasts!  But, being a true Wisconsin gal at heart, she found that home will always be in the Midwest. She now live in Pulaski, Wisconsin with my sweetheart and two cats, Willow and Linus.

Kristen’s heart has always led her to pursue community involvement through her church and volunteer work with wellness as a constant passion.  Being what she describes as a “natural explainer of things”, her role with BCFF as our NEW Community Educator is a perfect fit!

Kristen’s knowledge and commitment to our mission – to “inspire people in our community to lead cancer-free healthy lifestyles” – makes her a wonderful resource for our community.  She looks forward to equipping your students with the cancer awareness and prevention knowledge that will help them make better choices and start them on a lifelong journey towards good health.  

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