Meet our Educators

Meet Stephanie!
Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie Printz – Central Wisconsin
My name is Stephanie Printz and I am your Central Wisconsin Educator for the Breast Cancer Family Foundation (BCFF).  Before bringing my passion to BCFF, I was a community manager with the American Cancer Society.  My work experience, along with a degree in Biology, has given me great insight into the material that we present.

I have seen first-hand the effects that cancer can have on an individual and a family as my mother and father both battled cancer.  Seeing loved ones fight for their lives has made me extremely passionate about our mission “to inspire people in our community to lead cancer-free healthy lifestyles”.  

I am honored that I have the opportunity to make a difference in such a rewarding and vital way – by educating our future generations on cancer awareness and prevention.

I am excited and grateful for every opportunity that I get to share our mission, this information and my experiences. I hope to continue to make an impact in this fight, starting in your classroom!  Contact me at

Yours in Hope,

Meet Kristen!
Meet Kristen!

Kristen Beaudet – Northeast Wisconsin

Curious and adventurous by nature, I love to travel and have lived on both U.S. coasts, but being a true Wisconsin gal at heart, I found that for me, home will always be in the Midwest. I now live in Pulaski, Wisconsin with my sweetheart and two cats, Willow and Linus.

My heart has always led me to pursue community involvement through my church and volunteer work and wellness has been a constant passion.  Being what I describes as a “natural explainer of things”, my role with BCFF as our NEW Community Educator is a perfect fit!

My knowledge and commitment to our mission – to “inspire people in our community to lead cancer-free healthy lifestyles” – makes me a wonderful resource for our community.

I look forward to equipping your students with the cancer awareness and prevention knowledge that will help them make better choices and start them on a lifelong journey towards good health.  Contact me at