Meet our New Executive Director

Breast Cancer Family Foundation (BCFF), a local non-profit organization providing educational presentations on cancer awareness and prevention, is pleased to announce the appointment of Diane Gaywont as Executive Director.

“I am honored and thrilled to be taking on the leadership role of BCFF’s Executive Director.” said Gaywont. “My previous roles have supported and challenged me to be the person and leader I am today. I feel my career history, growth, and development—both personally and professionally—have been preparing me for this opportunity. I am looking forward to building onto the already great foundation that’s been established as we continue to be the top provider of cancer prevention education in the state of Wisconsin.”

Diane brings more than 10 years of leadership and project management experience and a passion for promoting health and wellness to BCFF. Prior to becoming Executive Director of BCFF, Gaywont held positions both in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, most recently as the Director of Operations at myTEAM TRIUMPH. Gaywont assumes the position with BCFF with valuable experience in leadership, organizational structure, marketing, community outreach, fundraising, and communication skills.

“It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of the BCFF welcomes and introduces Diane Gaywont on as the new Executive Director of the BCFF,” said Dr. Ed Lin, President of BCFF’s Board of Directors. “The Board of the BCFF feels very fortunate to be able to bring on an Executive Director with Diane’s knowledge and experience from the non-profit sector. In addition, her strong leadership and organizational skills and, most importantly, her passion to want to help others will be a great addition to help the BCFF continue to move forward with the goal of educating the children in our communities to live a healthy and cancer-free lifestyles.”

Gaywont graduated from St. Norbert College with a B.A in Psychology and Sociology. She has a strong commitment to her community and passion for volunteerism. Diane resides in Green Bay with her husband, Shawn, and two children, Ayden and Madison.