Meet Kim MacGregor

Hello! Kim here, the new Community Educator and Special Event Coordinator with the Breast Cancer Family Foundation. I was given the task to create a blog (honestly a dream of mine) about my first week here at BCFF. Before I dive into that, I wanted to tell everyone a little about myself, so if you see me out in the community or at events, you feel like you know me a little bit! I love people, and I love talking, so please say hi!

10 Things about Myself (Kim MacGregor- and yes, I am Scottish)

  1. I grew up in the Milwaukee area, in a suburb called Grafton. We have a Costco and that is basically our claim to fame, but go Black Hawks!
  2. I have danced my whole life, and now teach ballet and pom at Power of Dance in Howard. If you are not familiar, google them- these kids are incredible dancers!
  3. I attended university at UW La Crosse. I originally wanted to go into journalism but thankfully switched to Public Health- Community Health Education right away.
  4. I studied abroad in Seville, Spain and it was hands-down the best experience of my life thus far.

5. I have two brothers with disabilities, so that community holds a special place in my heart. I work with the special needs community as much as possible.

6. Before BCFF, I worked at Bellin in their Case Management department. I connected providers and patients to local resources and did basically anything I was asked to do.

7. I live in Green Bay with my boyfriend and our dog, Finn. Finn is FOR SURE the most loved in the house, but kudos to the BF for at least pretending to love me equally.

8. I love health- my mom is a dietician so I grew up very health conscious. That being said, I am absolutely addicted to ice cream and my favorite treat is a Dairy Queen blizzard. I also love wine. Balance, people, balance.

9. I love to run, remake baked goods into healthier versions (they taste just as good, I promise), do yoga, and to read. I am convinced my boyfriend keeps me around partially because I bake so often. Which is fair. You’re welcome, Sam.

10. Finally, at the ripe age of 23, I got a pacemaker. Yes, I am literally an 80 year old in a 20-something year old’s body. Long story short, I used to faint a lot. Cheers to no more of that nonsense!

This job at BCFF is a dream. I have wanted to help people be healthy my entire life. Public Health- Community Health Education encompasses all aspects of health. There is more to being “healthy” than having six-pack abs or eating a salad every day. I try to promote that as much and as clearly as possible.

The BCFF grounds themselves in education on cancer prevention and how to best equip our bodies to fight cancer. The healthier our bodies are by eating right, exercising daily, avoiding toxic foods, sleeping a proper amount, the better chance we have at living a long life.

This week, I got to watch Diane and Holly go into a high school classroom and truly make an impact on these kids. The presentation we provide is full of golden nuggets on healthy lifestyle choices, cancer awareness, staggering statistics; things that everyone needs to know, but especially the younger population. Each woman presented with their own style and flare, and I know my presentation style will be unique as well. I loved taking something from each of their presentations and putting it in my pocket of ideas.
I also got to work with Amy this week and learn about all the wonderful ways she helps come up with ideas for fundraising, new events, and ways to promote ourselves out in the community. Basically, Amy is the greatest. I love her already.

One of my roles will be to help create Tasty Tuesday ideas and It Starts With Your Plate presentations- this is super exciting for me, as I love to bake and cook. Keep your eye on our social media pages for news about these upcoming events!

I know I have only been here 5 days, but I feel so grateful to have found such an incredible organization and team.

Please, say hi if you see me in the community. I will probably chat your ear off, but hey- I warned you!

I cannot wait to get out there and meet everyone! Thank you, BCFF for this opportunity.