Meet our Educator!

Kim MacGregor- Northeast Wisconsin

Kim is passionate about health, happiness, and  helping people. She believes that health is more than just physical wellbeing, but mental, emotional, economical, and social wellbeing working together. She believes everyone deserves to be healthy and happy, but not everyone knows how to get there.  With her role at BCFF, she seeks to help people find their journey.

Kim has lived a tremendously healthy life because of cancer in her family.  This is also what led her to pursue a career in Health Education. Recently, she also lost a very important and special woman in her life to breast cancer, which even more so moved her to use her skills and knowledge to help the community.

Kim feels it is her duty to prevent cancer from affecting anyone else and their families if at all possible, and that starts by living a healthy style. She admires BCFF for acknowledging that education is the basis of cancer prevention- whether it’s educating on how to make healthier choices, or how to spot potential cancer signs on your body or a loved ones. If we can prevent one family from feeling the wrath of cancer, that is a win!

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