Community Educational Program

Instead of thinking about what you will do when you’re diagnosed with cancer, think about what you can do now so you are not diagnosed.

Our greatest ally in the fight against cancer is information. The more people know about cancer, the better chance they have of reducing their lifelong risk.  The Beat Cancer Family Foundation’s  P.A.C.E. (Prevention and Cancer Education) presentations provide the tools people need to better understand cancer, early detection, and risk reduction strategies.

The community educational program contains much of the same information as our main P.A.C.E. (Prevention and Cancer Education) school program; however, it is geared toward the needs/demographics of the group.


  • Heighten cancer awareness and present risk reduction strategies.
  • Inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Emphasize the importance of early detection through regular self-exams and attending regular routine clinical exams.

Would you like BCFF to present to your group?  Contact us for more information!

Presentations are at no charge and can accommodate any time frame.