A Note From Kim: 20 (Birthday) Reasons Why I Run

In honor of BCFF’s 20th birthday *cue confetti, balloons, and allllll the cake*, I wanted to write a blog post with a list of 20-something. Deciding what to write about took me a while, but I decided to write about something that could be a new perspective for people as well as is something that aligns with our mission of having a healthy community: why I run. We talk to classrooms about the importance of exercise, but that exercise does not have to be an organized sport nor do you have to have access to a state-of-the-art gym. Running takes a pair of tennis shoes and open space. It requires little to no coordination, and little to no extra materials.  Lucky for us here at BCFF and surrounding area, Green Bay is very conducive for running.

So here it is: 20 Reasons Why I Run. Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. First one is easy; running helps me to stay healthy. With a family history of heart disease, running serves as an easy (sometimes) and free (always) way to get my cardiovascular health top notch.
  2. It is the best stress relief. There is not a single run I regret, whether it was 1 mile or 13.1 miles.
  3. You can sign up for “races” (or for me, just runs) and they are SO FUN! I know, it sounds crazy to pay to run a half marathon, but the energy at these events are unmatched. You truly become addicted.
  4. It is an excuse to get myself outside. In WI, especially come winter (aka the whole dang year), it is easy to stay cooped up inside. Making myself go run outside, in appropriate conditions, is the perfect way to get some of that vitamin D and fresh air.
  5. It allows me some “me” time. This goes without explanation. Running alone is my favorite.
  6. Buying running accessories is very fun. New tights? Yep, definitely need those for winter. New sunglasses? Can’t run with sun in my eyes!
  7. Back to those races… you get beer – I mean water and sports drinks – at the end of most!
  8. Running to get that infamous runner’s high. No it doesn’t happen every time, and honestly, sometimes runs just flat out stink, but when you do get that runner’s high, it is pretty fabulous.
  9. Running is the perfect time to listen to all my 100 podcasts I am subscribed to J
  10. Did I mention this a free way to exercise? Ain’t nobody got time for the thirty-nine dollar monthly gym membership!
  11. Running connects people. Whether you like to run with people or not, the overall running community is extremely supportive and motivating. I love this part so much.
  12. If necessary, I can absolutely run inside on the treadmill, so it’s basically an inexcusable activity (given you have access to a treadmill).
  13. I can go as fast, as slow, as long, or as far as I wish. PSA: to be a “runner”, you simply have to run on a weekly basis, distance does not matter!
  14. In terms of my future (far, far future)- I can bring your kids along! You bet I will be running and pushing my kiddo in those fancy strollers.
  15. RUNNING WITH DOGS! This should have been first, seeing as dogs are the most important thing. My dog, however, is not the best distance runner but work with what you got.
  16. Honestly, it’s fun to see the reaction of non-runners when you say “oh I just ran *insert any mileage here* miles this morning” and they look at you like a crazy person.
  17. I like to run different routes and explore my neighborhood or wherever I am running. So far, La Crosse holds the number one spot for my favorite running spot.
  18. Running allows me to fully relax (I know that sounds crazy), but my mind is constantly going at 100 MPH and when I run, I tend to just zone out and solve all of life’s problems, prepare for an important presentation, or just choreograph in my head J
  19. There is nothing better than getting home after a long run and feeling that sense of pride and knowing you can basically do anything. That feeling carries throughout the whole day, and you just feel like a kick booty person.
  20. Finally: running has made me a competitive, motivated, and overall better human being. Having something to do and work toward can really improve your life.

Of course running is not for everyone (s/o to my Mama who only runs when the coffee is done), but I hope this post helps encourage or motivate someone to get out there and RUN (or jog, or walk, or bike, whatever). Find your own reasons, and there can only be one, whether it’s for your health or literally just a way to get out of the house and away from the kiddos. Stay tuned for our very own run event in October- the Pink Pumpkin!