Schedule a Cancer Awareness & Prevention Presentation

Here’s what one student had to say about our education program …

Dear Ms. Beaudet,

Thank you so much for taking your time to come inform us about cancer. I now do know how serious and widespread it is! Your presentation was very good, especially since you were so enthusiastic about what you were teaching which made us want to listen. Sincerely, Chloe – 2016 Shawano Community High School Student

Your students receive the information they need to lead lives built on healthy choices that will significantly reduce their risk of getting cancer. Our presentations work well as complement to a unit focused on nutrition or making healthy lifestyle choices. Your BCFF Community Educator will have a PowerPoint presentation saved to a flash drive and a clicker to navigate through the overhead presentation. The use visual props helps to keep your students engaged and curious throughout this learning experience.

Topics covered include:

  • What cancer is and how it develops in our bodies
  • How cancer is typically detected and diagnosed
  • Cancer treatment overview and the 3 main types (Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy)
  • Cancer Prevention – Risk factors and Healthy Lifestyle Choices (importance of knowing family history of cancer, the dangers of tobacco and alcohol use, understanding the role of carcinogens, responsible sun exposure, and the importance of exercise and proper nutrition.)

Throughout the presentation, students receive:

  • Yummy Earth organic lollipops as incentive for participation. Our choice to share lollipops made without artificial ingredients opens the discussion regarding the potential health risks associated with regularly consuming products containing chemical ingredients.
  • Snack sized bag of Pirate’s Booty to further illustrate how to make better choices when buying processed food products as this product has a short ingredients list containing items that are identifiable.
  • “Guide to Cancer Awareness & Prevention” booklet published by BCFF to take home. This booklet contains much of the same information as is in our full length presentation but in greater detail.
  • Caring Message Card encouraging students to share it with an adult in their life. This card is meant to serve as a reminder for their loved one to follow through with all recommended cancer screenings.

Presentation length for class scheduling:

  • A full length presentation is about 2 hours long and we are happy to present to your students over 2 days in order to give them the full presentation.
  • A condensed presentation fits into a 45 minute class or can be customized to a time frame you can dedicate to this education.

If you are interested in your students receiving our free cancer awareness and prevention education, contact us at